A safe solution for cycleways this winter…

August 17, 2020

Liquid De-icerSnowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi
Liquid De-icerSnowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi

VALE Engineering has a solution for almost any winter maintenance requirement – in this case a Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi solution designed specifically for cycleways!

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the way people live, work and travel, with a dramatic rise in the popularity of cycling. As a direct consequence, in July the Government launched Gear Change: a bold vision for cycling and walking. How can you ensure cycleways are a 365 day-a-year success story, rather than a summer sensation that thrives during the Covid pandemic and then peters out?

If you are planning on liquid de-icing your cycleways this year, then you really should be talking to VALE Engineering as our high quality and robust Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi is a market-leading design, incorporating both TM400 liquid de-icing sprayer and front-mounted snowbrush.

Liquid De-Icers are by far the best way to ensure cycleways are safe during winter months as the use of grit reduces ice, yet also introduces a hazardous surface to cycle on as residue grit is slippery. This reduces a cycle’s braking and steering capabilities, making gritting a Health & Safety nightmare. Rock salt can also damage sensitive structures. VALE Engineering’s Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi was designed specifically to work on cycleways, becoming the equipment of choice for local authority clients including major metropolitan districts and unitary authorities as well as retail parks and airports. Ongoing R&D ensures that VALE Engineering can also offer a selection of flexible solutions to meet new demands.

Combining tried and tested technology developed over 20 years, the Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi is fully approved and road legal. This market-leading design incorporates both liquid de-icing sprayer and front-mounted snowbrush. Ingenious features include:

  • electrically controlled spraying nozzles including automatic stop/start and automatic sensors to control the application rate – adjusting the output dependant on the forward speed and turning the nozzles off when the tractor comes to a stop and instantly turning them on when moving away.
  • built-in suction fill device for ease of filling the liquid de-icer tank.
  • deep sump (not flat tank) ensures consistent application of liquid de-icer with no risk of air being sucked into the system.
  • 400-litre tank as standard, allowing 22kms of traditional cycleway to be treated at a precautionary rate of 15 ml/m2, with options to increase spray width to meet Gear Change aspirations.

Email info@valeuk.com if you are a local authority wanting a free demonstration. Or click here for a full product specification for the Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi