VALE Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi

This high quality and robust Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi is a market-leading design incorporating both VALE TM400 liquid de-icing sprayer and 1.3m front-mounted snowbrush.

Liquid De-Icers are by far the best way to ensure cycleways and paths are safe to use during winter months as the use of grit might reduce ice, but grit also introduces a hazardous surface to cycle or walk on as residue grit is slippery. This reduces a cycle’s braking and steering capabilities. Rock salt can also damage sensitive structures.

VALE Engineering’s Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi has been designed specifically to work on narrow cycleways and manoeuvre around bollards and other street furniture with ease in city centres – particularly in comparison to full-size, winter maintenance vehicles. As a result, the company’s Mini-Tractor Combis have become the equipment of choice for many local authority clients including major metropolitan districts and unitary authorities.

This Mini-Tractor Combi is capable of various liquid de-icer application rates and configurations to suit many alternative requirements and can be used on, around or adjacent to, any structure or surface that might be susceptible to either corrosion or staining. For example: bridges and flyovers where mild steel reinforcement is at risk of corrosion; street furniture and paving where unrefined grit can permanently stain the surface; and vulnerable historic structures, including listed buildings, where rock salt may damage the surface integrity of the building’s exterior.

The Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi is also available to hire, being part of VALE Engineering’s hire fleet of winter maintenance equipment. This combination is a popular hire option as it enables the effective treatment of cycleways, footpaths and city centres during periods of ice and snow.


Specifications (Tractor)

  • High specification branded compact tractor (such as John Deere or Kubota) fitted with fully glazed cab and heater
  • Diesel water cooled engine: 23 to 30hp
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Selectable 2 and 4 wheel drive
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Beacon
  • Full road legal lighting including indicators, headlights, brake lights etc.

Specifications (Snow Brush)

  • 1.3m snowbrush
  • Hydraulic raise and lower
  • Hydraulic angling
  • Middle drive

Specifications (De-icing Sprayer VALE TM400)

  • 400 litre polypropylene tank with built-in suction fill device for ease of filling
  • Deep sump (not a flat tank) ensures consistent application of liquid de-icer with no risk of air being sucked into the system
  • 3 point linkage mounting system
  • Tractor PTO driven compatible pump
  • Three spraying sections including: Nearside 2m offset nozzle; Middle 1.2m wide spray bar; Offside 2m offset nozzle
  • Individual spraying section control from inside the operator’s cab
  • Quick change nozzles for different application rates
  • Pressure control for precise application control
  • electrically controlled spraying nozzles including automatic stop/start and automatic sensors to control the application rate – adjusting the output dependant on the forward speed and turning the nozzles off when the tractor comes to a stop and instantly turning them on when it moves away


See the Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi video: