Liquid De-Icing Sprayers: VALE TM400 & VALE TM1000

VALE Engineering’s vast knowledge of spraying equipment and liquid application means the company is in an unrivalled position to design and develop liquid de-icing and anti-icing products. This method of controlling ice and snow is fast becoming more common. VALE Engineering now produce two tractor mounted de-icing and anti-icing liquid sprayers. Ideal for cycleways and pedestrian areas.

Liquid de-icing sprayers can be used on, around or adjacent to, any structure or surface that might be susceptible to either corrosion or staining. For example: bridges and flyovers where mild steel reinforcement is at risk of corrosion; street furniture and paving where unrefined grit can permanently stain the surface; and vulnerable historic structures, including listed buildings, where rock salt may damage the surface integrity of the building’s exterior.

VALE Engineering’s two tractor mounted Liquid De-icing Sprayers are capable of applying various liquid de-icing and anti-icing products. VALE Engineering’s Liquid De-icing Sprayers must not to be confused with agricultural tractor-mounted sprayers which are often fitted with non-compatible components and calibrated to work at much lower application rates.

For ease of use, VALE Engineering’s tractor mounted Liquid De-icing Sprayers are supplied with either standard category 1 or 2 three-point linkage. This allows VALE Engineering’s De-icing Sprayers to work with the vast majority of tractors, without modification, as well as being powered by the tractor PTO (power take off).


⦁ 400 or 1000 litre polypropylene tank depending on model order

⦁ Rear spray bar with 3 individually controlled sections

⦁ Middle boom will treat either 1.2m (400 litre) or 2.7m (1000 litre)

⦁ Outer jets will treat 1.2m to 4m on any model

⦁ Electrically controlled spraying pressure to control application rate

⦁ Quick change nozzles to change application rates

⦁ Electric control box for controlling individual spraying sections

⦁ Full filtration system

⦁ Drain tap

⦁ Tractor PTO driven diaphragm pump designed for use with de-icing chemicals

⦁ Suction fill point to allow suction fill from an external tank

⦁ Power fill point for filling via an external pump

⦁ 3 point linkage points category 1 mounting (400 litre), category 2 mounting (1000 litre)

⦁ Mild steel box section mounting frame

⦁ All metal work blast cleaned prior to zinc-rich, powder prime and finished in polyester powder coat finish

⦁ Rear mounted LED road lighting

⦁ Stainless steel fasteners used where possible

⦁ Fluorescent markings on the rear


⦁ Hydraulically driven centrifugal pump in lieu of the PTO driven diaphragm pump – suction fill not available with this option

Watch the Liquid De-Icing Sprayers video: