Snow ploughs – tractor mounted

VALE Engineering make tractor mounted snow ploughs (or snow plows) for winter maintenance and snow control for use by local authorities and contractors. There are a range of different designs for mounting on compact tractors or agricultural tractors. The tractor mounted snow ploughs are ideal for road, highway, car park, distribution centre and retail park use.

VALE Engineering understands what end-users require from winter maintenance and snow control equipment: snow ploughs for compact tractors or agricultural tractors that are robust and reliable, designed to last with minimal, low cost servicing. All designed and built by VALE Engineering in the UK.

If you are looking for a robust, well-built snow plough attachment to give years of good service, then VALE Engineering ploughs are for you. VALE Engineering snow ploughs should not be compared with the majority of the thin, light-duty ploughs sharing the same market place.