Tractor Snow Plough: VALE SP2400HD

A heavy-duty 2.4m snow plough (snow plow) attachment designed by VALE Engineering to be used with agricultural tractors. This heavy duty snow plough is capable of snow ploughing to the left or right as well as bulldozing snow in a central position on roads and highways.

Supplied by VALE Engineering, as standard, with a Category 2 mount bracket for fitment to all tractors fitted with a standard front linkage. This heavy-duty snow plough is supplied, as standard, with abrasion resistant rubber wearing edge. As an option, the snow plough can also be fitted with spring-loaded “Hardox” steel wearing edges.

This heavy-duty snow plough is ideal for keeping roads and highways open during or after snow. VALE Engineering snow ploughs have been successfully used by local authority highway departments and independent snow control and winter maintenance contractors across the UK.

Not to be confused with converted wagon snow ploughs, VALE Engineering’s tried and tested tractor snow ploughs are designed, from the ground up, specifically for agricultural tractors.


⦁ 2.4m snow plough (snow plow) steel body with curved body

⦁ Standard category 2 mounting bracket

⦁ Segmented abrasion resistant rubber wearing edge which can be refitted multiple times

⦁ Manual angling with three positions – bulldoze, snow to the left, snow to the right

⦁ Snow plough (snow plow) float incorporated in linkage design, or fixed lower link mounting holes

⦁ 200mm heavy duty height adjustable castors

⦁ Castor parking stands

⦁ Heavy duty snow plough (snow plow) design

⦁ 3 stage anti-corrosion painting process


⦁ Hydraulic angling rams

⦁ “Hardox” spring loaded wearing blades in lieu of the rubber blades

⦁ Spring loaded metal backing plates behind the abrasion resistant wearing edge

⦁ Both “Hardox” and abrasion resistant rubber wearing edges – spring loaded

⦁ Flexible outer markers

⦁ Bolt on curved top deflector