VALE Drop Gritter/Snowplough ATV Quad Bike Combi

VALE Engineering’s popular Drop Gritter/Snowplough ATV Quad Bike Combi comes with 1.2m snow plough and VALE TS80 Trailed Drop Gritter for snow and ice control as part of planned winter maintenance. This ATV quad bike is supplied complete with 1.2m snow plough and trailed drop gritter.

Mounted on the Yamaha 350 ATV, this Drop Gritter/Snowplough ATV Quad Bike Combi is ideal for winter maintenance use in locations such as foot paths, car parks, education and retail sites where larger tractor-towed units can be simply too large and cumbersome to operate.

The ATV quad bike comes with VALE Engineering’s Towed Drop Gritter VALE TS80. This gritter provides an easy solution for winter maintenance where a basic, yet reliable, method of drop spreading salt or grit onto pedestrian paths, footways and car parks is required.

The VALE TS80 Towed Drop Gritter has a 0.285m³ hopper capacity to take approximately 400kg of salt. It can spread wet or dry, brown or white salt via a rotating roller and cams in the bottom of the hopper. The spreading system is powered via a basic ground driven system which makes this drop gritter simple to use and basic to maintain.

The ATV quad bike also comes with a robust snow plough attachment featuring: a 1.2m wide blade with curved top deflector; spring return break back to minimise damage; and the ability to manually angle to three positions – bulldoze, snow to the left and snow to the right.

The Drop Gritter/Snowplough ATV Quad Bike Combi is also available to hire as part of VALE Engineering’s winter maintenance hire fleet.


Specifications (Yamaha 350 Quad Bike)

⦁ Fully automatic transmission (Ultramatic®)

⦁ 348cc oil/air-cooled single cylinder engine

⦁ Selectable Two/Four-wheel drive

⦁ Double A-Arm front suspension

⦁ Push-button electric start

⦁ Reliable, low-maintenance shaft drive

⦁ Rear rack capacity: 80kgs

⦁ Front rack capacity: 40kgs

⦁ Fuel tank capacity: 13.5 litres

⦁ Full road lighting kit registered as an agricultural machine

⦁ E marked road legal tyres

⦁ Flashing amber beacon (xenon type)

⦁ Compliant with EN ISO 4254 and CE marked

Specifications (Towed Drop Gritter TS80)

⦁ 0.285m³ mild steel hopper

⦁ Ground driven stainless steel delivery roller with a drop width of 80cm

⦁ Manually adjustable application rates via a graduated lever

⦁ Replaceable stainless steel delivery cams to suit wet or dry salt

⦁ Agitator to aid salt delivery

⦁ Convenient wheel mounted engagement knob

⦁ Mesh screen

⦁ Heavy duty tyres

⦁ Fluorescent markings on the rear

⦁ Full road lighting with high quality LED lighting

Specifications (1.2m Snow Plough)

⦁ 1.2m wide blade with curved top deflector

⦁ Spring return break back to minimise damage

⦁ Large abrasion resistant rubber wearing edge

⦁ Manually angling with three positions – bulldoze, snow to the left, snow to the right

⦁ Manual raise and lower via sub chassis mounted lever

⦁ Heavy duty sub-chassis mounted permanently to the quad bike to allow easy removal of the snow plough from the quad bike if required

⦁ All metalwork blast cleaned prior to phosphate prime and high-quality powder coat