TV and Social Media Star Chris Gritty is back at VALE Engineering ready for next Winter!

June 8, 2021


After spending the winter with Transport for London, VALE Engineering’s famous ‘Chris Gritty’ Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi has come back to VALE HQ to be fully serviced before heading out for demonstrations across the UK to potential customers ahead of winter 2021/22. Chris Gritty sprung to fame last winter when the machines name, inspired by the Chief Medical Officer, took twitter by storm and later featured on ITV This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.


With over 100 retweets and hundreds of likes on Twitter, this has certainly raised the profile of this VALE specialist product with a number of other organisations placing orders for the forthcoming winter.


The rise in active travel and more companies encouraging bike to work schemes has seen the use of cycles grow by 22% in Outer London*. Maintaining a safe passage for cycles in all weathers is essential, with liquid de-icing creating a safer surface to ride on than one that has been gritted.


James Wilson – Managing Director of VALE Engineering commented “The Liquid De-icer/Snowbrush Mini-Tractor Combi has proven to be very successful at a number of Local Authorities, since its development in 2016. Having worked alongside a major city in the UK who has a growing cycle network, we have fine-tuned the product so that it is very easy to use, applies the de-icer accurately and consistently across the route and is reliable as well as being a very cost-effective option.”


The liquid de-icing sprayer is part of the VALE winter maintenance range which includes trailed and mounted salt spreaders/gritters that can be used with tractors or 4×4 vehicles depending on application rate, which are all available for both purchase and hire.


Demonstrations can be organised ahead of next winter, for further information or to order, contact VALE Engineering on 01904 738533, email or visit the company’s website


*Source:  – “Outer London see’s 22% rise in cycling as new data shows vital role in active travel”