VALE launches its Complete Guide to Professional Weed Control

February 9, 2021

VALE Engineering has just published a “Complete Guide to Professional Weed Control”.

We wanted to create a publication that would be really useful to anyone involved in weed control – the sort of publication that you want to keep within easy reach on your desk as it contains everything from charts and formulae to HSE and NSTS advice as well as lots of product and training information. We believe we have succeeded! The publication is available free of charge if you email VALE with your full contact details.

The all new, 28-page Complete Guide is packed full of useful information, with sections including:

  • Why Weed Control is Important;
  • Buyer’s Guides to ATV Quad-Bike Mounted Weed Sprayers, both CDA and knapsack sprayers as well as relevant PPE;
  • Herbicides and Spraying Aids including a key Understanding Glyphosate section incorporating HSE advice;
  • Nozzles for knapsacks and boom sprayers including a comprehensive nozzle chart;
  • Pesticide and Land-based Groundcare Training;
  • Sprayer Testing including the NSTS Decision Tree;
  • Easy-to-use Sprayer Calibration from PA2A and PA6A training courses;
  • Details of Chemical and Fuel Storage options.

VALE Engineering pioneered the PKL weed control concept using high specification Yamaha ATV quad bikes mounted with spraying equipment. RIVERLYNX is wholly owned by VALE, specialising in Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) weed control equipment. It can now also offer a post-sale mixing service. VALE also offers a comprehensive range of related products and services including Berthoud knapsack sprayers, herbicides, spraying aids, PPE, nozzles for both knapsack and boom sprayers, signs, measuring jugs, chemical and fuel stores.

VALE Engineering complete guide to Professional Weed Control
VALE Engineering complete guide to Professional Weed Control