RIVERLYNX CDA Eradicator Spray Lance

The RIVERLYNX Eradicator spray hand lance is a Rotary Atomiser and Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) device. It features a simple, easy-to-use control panel which allows the weed control operator to select two different application rates and three different spraying widths.

The Eradicator hand lance adopts RIVERLYNX’s standard and proven ergonomic design for maximum operator comfort and ease of use when weed killing. Its durable nature makes it the ideal partner for Grounds Maintenance contractors and Local Authority Grounds and Parks departments for accurate application of CDA mixed Glyphosate product for weed control. This reduces chemical costs whilst also protecting the environment.

BLACK GRASS: The RIVERLYNX system has also proved very effective in the control and eradication of Black Grass. Black Grass control is the biggest single challenge facing arable farmers in the UK. If you have Black Grass, it is vital to take steps to control and reduce its spread as it will seriously reduce the yield of crops such as wheat and barley. The real benefit comes with the coverage that can be achieved from each fill – typically, RIVERLYNX can cover 5000m2 per turtle-pack (or 2 per hectare). The knapsack equivalent would normally need 10 refills per hectare. Taking into account operator fatigue and the downtime required for refilling, RIVERLYNX really is the economic option for farmers and agricultural contractors.

VALE Engineering purchased RIVERLYNX in 2009. RIVERLYNX products allow Rotary Atomiser and Controlled Droplet Application CDA weed spraying without the need to buy expensive pre-mixed chemical.


⦁ Three different spray widths: 15cm (6”), 30cm (12”) and 60cm (24”)

⦁ Two application rates: 15 Ltrs/Hectare and 20 Ltrs/Hectare

⦁ Calibrated to a fixed walking speed when weed spraying

⦁ Droplet size between 260-370 microns

⦁ Peristaltic pump with built in speed control

⦁ Reverse function for reversing chemical back into the turtle pack for maximum chemical use

⦁ Easy-to-use switch system for selecting application rate and spray width

⦁ Single finger trigger action to start the application

⦁ RIVERLYNX’s standard ergonomic design – light and comfortable to use

⦁ Ni Mh rechargeable battery pack and charger allows 1 days spraying

⦁ No chemical flow variation

⦁ Full operator’s instruction book

⦁ 2 x Small Spray Discs and 1 x Large Spray Disc