ATV quad bike mounted Weed Sprayer: VALE PKL450

VALE Engineering’s VALE PKL450 ATV quad bike mounted weed sprayer is generally considered to be one of the most robust and reliable in the marketplace, being one of the only spraying systems suitable for highway kerb-edge spraying, hard surfaces and mowing margins. By using a utility ATV, legally regarded as an agricultural vehicle, clients can be certain that the new ATV weed spraying system from VALE Engineering is appropriate for use on highways as well as off-road.

VALE Engineering’s PKL spraying system, now incorporating a Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV quad bike, has become the number 1 system for controlling weeds on the public highway and private grounds by the local authority, housing association, grounds maintenance and leisure sectors. The original PKL weed control and weed spraying system was launched in 2000 and soon became popular. This was due to its efficient treatment of weeds, both quickly and cost effectively.

Incorporating the Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV quad bike, the latest design has been developed along with legislation, health & safety best practice and all relevant codes of practice, to ensure operators are compliant – whether independent contractor or local authority. The weed control and weed spraying system fully conforms to all relevant British and European Standards for spraying equipment, cleverly combining the ability to weed kill whilst in motion as well as spot treat by hand. The control of the spray can be done whilst in motion with both hands on the handlebars.

With over 500 units now manufactured and a VALE Engineering hire fleet now consisting of over 70 machines – the PKL weed spraying system provides the ultimate solution for the ‘war on weeds’ – whether on highways, cycleways or paths. The VALE PKL450 weed control system is mounted onto a robust Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV quad bike and complies with all current emission standards whilst also being a significant step forward in terms of comfort and safety for the user.


⦁ High torque 421cc 4-stroke engine

⦁ On-Command® push button 2WD / 4WD drive system

⦁ Ultramatic® automatic CVT transmission

⦁ Independent double wishbone front and rear suspension

⦁ Push-button electric start

⦁ Reliable, low-maintenance shaft drive

⦁ Rear rack capacity: 80kgs

⦁ Front rack capacity: 40kgs

⦁ Towing capacity: 600kg

⦁ Fuel tank capacity: 14 litres

⦁ Full road lighting kit registered as an agricultural machine

⦁ E marked road legal tyres

⦁ Polypropylene sprayer tank (70-litre capacity) with basket filter and baffle

⦁ Full filtration system

⦁ Full pressure control and agitation

⦁ 11.3 litre/min pump

⦁ Glycerine pressure gauge

⦁ Flashing amber beacon (xenon type)

⦁ Front mounted control valves

⦁ Two nozzle front boom with individual nozzle isolation

⦁ Very low drift nozzle technology, all nozzles are of an Air Inclusion design

⦁ Two foot rest nozzles with off centre very low drift nozzles, angle of spray can be adjusted by driver on seat – mounted within the width of the quad bike.

⦁ Telescopic hand lance with 5m hose

⦁ Front clean water tank with 22 litre capacity (mandatory requirement)

⦁ Handlebar mounted on/off switch for hands on the handlebar control of spray

⦁ Compliant with EN ISO 4254 and CE marked