Trailed Turf Care Top Dresser: STARGREEN TD1500T

The STARGREEN TD1500T Trailed Turf Care Top Dresser was specifically created for top dressing a range of turf playing and sports surfaces, being a tow-behind (trailed/trailer) design for suitably sized tractors.

The STARGREEN Trailed Turf Care Top Dresser takes its hydraulic power from the prime mover’s hydraulic system, which provides the power for the disc and belt. The hopper sides are purposely steep and have an uninterrupted material flow onto the belt. The belt is cleated to ensure that the material is dispensed positively from the hopper onto the disc, thereby ensuring a smooth and consistent feed.

The STARGREEN TD1500T tow-behind turf care top dresser is designed and manufactured by VALE Engineering in the UK.


⦁ 1.5m³ mild steel hopper with steep sides and an uninterrupted material flow onto the belt

⦁ Hydraulically driven twin 650mm spreading discs with adjustable stainless steel vanes spreading from 2 metres up to 15 metres – dependant on hydraulic oil flow available and material type and condition

⦁ Overrun valves fitted to the disc motors to eliminate hydraulic spikes to the system which can cause damage to hoses

⦁ Manually adjustable control of the spreading width and conveyor belt speed with 18 detent position

⦁ Adjustable disc position to fine tune spreading pattern by changing the drop point on the spreading discs

⦁ Multi position rear variable discharge door

⦁ 400mm wide PVC belt with central under tracking to maintain belt position on the drums, with two third length horizontal cleats for positive material distribution on to the discs

⦁ Large drive and idle drums lagged in neoprene material to give superior grip and reduce belt wear

⦁ Hydraulically powered from the utility vehicles auxiliary hydraulic circuit (spool valves)

⦁ Spreading disc action controlled by activation and de-activation of the auxiliary hydraulic circuit (spool valves) conveyor belt controlled in cab on/off switch

⦁ Under belt cleaning brush

⦁ Bolt on mounting brackets to suit various utility vehicles

⦁ Trailer chassis fitted with adjustable height ring hitch

⦁ 4 inline 26×12-12 turf tyres fitted on a floating axle

⦁ Adjustable prop stand which can be detached when not in use

⦁ All metal work blast cleaned, prior to zinc rich powder prime and finished in polyester powder coat finish


⦁ Width/Application – In-cab control box to control including: spreading discs/belt on-off; belt on-off; spreading width control in lieu of manually adjustable spread width valve; application rate control in lieu of manually adjustable application rate valve.