Tractor Mounted Amenity Sprayer: STARGREEN AS200

The STARGREEN AS200 is an entry level tractor mounted boom sprayer or amenity sprayer yet still has the build quality, finish and high specification components found on the larger sprayers within the STARGREEN range.

The STARGREEN Tractor Mounted Amenity Sprayer is supplied, as standard, with manual controls and a 200-litre tank this is a really useful tractor-mounted amenity sprayer.

This boom sprayer is ideal for spraying small, grassed areas in and around a golf course, sports turf or amenity area.

The STARGREEN AS200 is a 200 Litre Tractor Mounted Amenity Sprayer that can be supplied with various optional extras including a foam bout marker and a three-cylinder pump.

Designed and made by VALE Engineering in the UK.


⦁ 200 litre polypropylene tank with tank lid and deep basket filter

⦁ Category 1 mild steel powder coated frame

⦁ Roller vane PTO mounted pump

⦁ 3 section manual control with balanced return

⦁ 6 metre, high quality manual fold booms with a positive break back action and open position

⦁ Boom lock catch to hold the booms closed in storage and transit

⦁ 3 inline pressure filters feeding the individual boom sections

⦁ Large suction filter

⦁ Single nozzle holders with standard flat fan nozzles

⦁ Clean water tank

⦁ Stainless steel outlet incorporating a draining tap


⦁ Three-cylinder diaphragm pump with PTO shaft in lieu of the roller vane PTO mounted pump

⦁ Boom extensions to take the spraying width to 8 metres

⦁ Boom extensions to take the spraying width to 10 metres

⦁ Hose reel and hand lance to increase spraying flexibility

⦁ 15 litre bout marker to increase efficiency

⦁ Triple nozzle holders

⦁ Category 2 conversion bush