Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreaders or as they are sometimes referred to as Gritters or Sanders are used to dispense and spread salt onto the surface which needs be protected from snow or ice, or when ice or snow has formed on the surface and it needs to be removed

Salt SpreaderA priority for a Salt Spreader is to have the ability to spread all types of salt. It is not uncommon that in prolonged periods of winter that salt supplies may be limited and the only option is to spread a wet or damp brown rock salt. Therefore the Salt Spreader should always be specified so that it can be used with all types of salt from fine grade marine salt which is very pure and free flowing to brown rock salt which may be difficult spread. All salt is hydroscopic – it absorbs moisture from the air and therefore even the best quality salt can become problematic to spread. Our entire range of gritters feature the POZI-FEED auger system which ensures that salt which is wet or damp can be spread without an issue.

There are various types of Salt Spreader, however two popular types include the broadcast type – this spreads salt by dispensing it from a spinning disc, and the drop spreader type which drops a metered amount of salt from a roller which is at the bottom of a hopper.

The drop salt spreader type of gritter is limited to a spreading width of the roller, the advantages are that the salt is positioned accurately and is therefore ideal for footpaths etc. More information on our drop spreaders can be found here.

Broadcast gritters are used for gritting on the highway and for treating car parks and wide open spaces. These types of gritters are used in-conjunction with wagons often referred to as gritter trucks. Gritters can also be trailed and used with a towing vehicle, these types of gritters are sometimes referred to as trailer gritters, tow behind or tow along gritters.  Our most popular trailed Salt Spreader is the Vale TS1200.

Tractors are also used extensively with gritters. Salt Spreaders for use with tractors include tractor mounted gritters or 3 point linkage gritters as well as tractor trailed gritters.  These gritters vary in size dependant on the tractors with which they are being used. The use of tractors for gritting on the highway in the UK is now increasing since the HMRC changed legislation to allow tractors to grit on the highway using red diesel, there is also no maximum working radius to limit a tractor’s operational distance meaning tractors can grit as a gritting truck would do.