Tractor Towed Salt Spreader (Gritter): VALE TS1700

The VALE TS1700 Tractor Towed Salt Spreader (Gritter) from VALE Engineering is a tractor-towed salt spreader (gritter) with a 1.7 m³ hopper capacity to take approximately 2000kg of salt.

This gritter can spread wet or dry, brown or white salt, via its unique POZI-FEED stainless steel auger system. This salt spreader is fitted with twin high-speed braked axles and road going wheels and tyres. The VALE TS1700 Tractor Towed Salt Spreader is hydraulically powered, either from a PTO powered pump or from the tractor’s auxiliary hydraulic take off (spool valves).

Ideal for use as part of a planned winter maintenance programme to control ice and snow.


⦁ 1.2m³ mild steel hopper with 0.5m³ mild steel hopper extensions

⦁ Hydraulically driven stainless steel disc, with adjustable spread width from 1.8m to 8m

⦁ Manually adjustable spread width valve (graduated)

⦁ Symmetric and asymmetric patterns achievable using a manually adjustable chute

⦁ 150mm stainless steel POZI-FEED double augers providing positive salt feed even with wet material, driven hydraulically through a heavy-duty high load hydraulic motor

⦁ POZI-FEED augers run in maintenance free nylon bushes

⦁ Manually adjustable application rate valve (graduated)

⦁ Hydraulically powered from the tractors auxiliary hydraulic circuit (spool valves)

⦁ Spreading action controlled by activation and de-activation of the tractor auxiliary hydraulic circuit (spool valves)

⦁ Auger reverse switch

⦁ Heavy duty 40mm ring cast drawbar overrun coupling

⦁ High quality twin axles fitted with torsion spring suspension and automatic brakes

⦁ Heavy duty road going wheels and tyres

⦁ Tandem plastic mudguards

⦁ Jockey wheel

⦁ Galvanized pitched mesh which can be opened

⦁ All metal work blast cleaned, prior to zinc rich powder prime and finished in polyester powder coat finish

⦁ Full road lighting with high quality rubberized lighting components to resist salt corrosion

⦁ Stainless steel fasteners used where possible

⦁ Fluorescent markings on the rear

⦁ Overall dimensions: 4040 x 2050mm x 1840mm (length x width x height)


⦁Basic in-cab control box to control the following: spreading disc/auger on-off; auger on-off; auger reverse; beacon; and work light

⦁ In-cab control box to control the following: spreading disc/auger on-off; auger on-off; auger reverse; beacon; work light; spreading width control in lieu of manually adjustable spread width valve; and application rate control in lieu of manually adjustable application rate valve

⦁ Rear mounted xenon low current beacon

⦁ Rear mounted LED work-light (red). Only available if the machine is specified with a control box

⦁ 50mm ball cast drawbar coupling in lieu of the 40mm ring hitch

⦁ High speed spreading disc to spread up to 15m

⦁ Hydraulically powered by the quick release PTO mounted pump which is fitted to the tractor PTO, with this option a 60 litre hydraulic tank with canister type spin-on return line filter, breather cap and sight gauge is fitted. The spreading action is controlled by activation and deactivation of the tractor PTO

⦁ Spare wheel and tyre (supplied loose)