Tug-Towed Salt Spreader (Gritter): VALE TS800DC

VALE Engineering has developed the VALE TS800DC Tug-Towed Salt Spreader (Gritter) specifically for use off-highway with site-based tugs, such as forklifts and shunter wagons. These can be found at most factories, manufacturing plants and distribution depots.

The hopper of the VALE TS800DC Tug-Towed Salt Spreader is designed to take approximately 1000kg of salt, making it ideal for use with 1-ton bulk bags, which are easy and clean to store and make hopper filling simple and efficient. This gritter is capable of spreading wet or dry, brown or white salt, via its unique POZI-FEED stainless steel auger system, whilst still maintaining a smooth salt flow even at low rates.

Designed to keep manufacturing plants and distribution depots fully operational during winter months, the VALE TS800DC Tug-Towed Salt Spreader (Gritter) requires minimal servicing as it features a very simple and easy-to-maintain chassis design, with enclosed engine and hydraulic system to reduce salt damage. The hydraulic circuit is driven by on-board electric start engine. The VALE TS800DC Tug-Towed Salt Spreader is designed for use with site-based tugs, such as forklifts and shunter wagons, at manufacturing plants and distribution depots. The VALE TS800DC is not suitable for use on the public highway as it is not type approved.


⦁ 0.8m³ mild steel hopper (1-ton capacity)

⦁ Hydraulically driven stainless-steel disc, with adjustable spread width from 1.8m to 15m

⦁ Manually adjustable spread width valve (graduated)

⦁ Symmetric and asymmetric patterns achievable using a manually adjustable chute

⦁ Stainless steel POZI-FEED double augers providing positive salt feed even with wet material, driven hydraulically through a heavy-duty high load hydraulic motor

⦁ POZI-FEED augers run in maintenance free nylon bushes

⦁ Manually adjustable application rate valve (graduated)

⦁ 60-litre hydraulic tank with canister type spin-on return line filter, breather cap and sight gauge

⦁ Hydraulically powered from an on-board key start Yanmar L70 diesel auxiliary engine with battery

⦁ Self-powered control box on a wander lead from the spreader to start and stop the spreading action, the control box is fitted with a magnet for easy mounting onto the shunter/tug vehicles dashboard.

⦁ Electrical power is generated to operate the control valve via the on-board key start Yanmar L70V auxiliary engine

⦁ Auger reverse switch

⦁ Heavy duty 50mm ball coupling

⦁ Un-braked and un-sprung heavy-duty axle

⦁ Heavy duty road going wheels and tyres

⦁ Plastic mudguards

⦁ Prop stand wheel

⦁ Galvanized mesh screen

⦁ All metal work blast cleaned, prior to zinc rich powder prime and finished in polyester powder coat finish

⦁ Stainless steel fasteners used where possible

⦁ Fluorescent markings on the rear


⦁ Wiring to enable the spreading action to be controlled via a switch inside the towing vehicle rather than a switch on a wander lead

⦁ Heavy duty ring hitch in lieu of the heavy duty 50mm ball coupling

⦁ Rear mounted beacon