Chemical Storage Safes: VALE VCS015, VALE VCS025 & VALE VCS150

VALE Engineering offers a range of chemical storage safes in a variety of sizes. Each chemical store is specifically designed for the safe storage of pesticides and other suitable chemicals.

The VALE VCS015, VALE VCS025 and VALE VCS150 chemical storage safes can be fixed to the floor of a van or installed within a building. These robust and lockable chemical storage safes are ideal for local authorities, facilities maintenance operatives, landscape gardeners and agricultural contractors – in fact anyone who is going out on site and needs to store chemicals and pesticides safely in order to meet current Health & Safety requirements.

All designed and made by VALE Engineering in the UK.


VALE VCS015 Small

350 x 350 x 300mm (height x width x depth) Capacity: 3 x 5 litre

VALE VCS025 Medium

350 x 600 x 300mm (height x width x depth) Capacity: 5 x 5 litre

VALE VCS150 Large

700 x 900 x 600mm (height x width x depth) Capacity: 30 x 5 litre


⦁ Fully seam welded – leak proof sump

⦁ Vapour seals

⦁ Over centre catches which can incorporate a padlock

⦁ Warning signs

⦁ Fastening points to secure safe

⦁ Carrying handles