Government Cycleways Announcement Is Good News For VALE’s Liquid De-Icing Products

February 12, 2020

On the day Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed HS2 will go ahead, the Department for Transport announced new funding of £1 billion is to be spent on building 250 miles of new, high-quality separated cycle routes and safe junctions in towns and cities across England. That is good news for VALE Engineering of York, one of the UK’s leading Liquid De-Icing Sprayer manufacturers who already supply this equipment to councils including Leeds, Manchester and York.

James Wilson, MD of VALE Engineering comments: “Liquid De-Icers are by far the best way to ensure cycleways are safe to use during winter months as the use of grit might reduce ice, but it also introduces a hazardous surface to cycle on as the residue grit is slippery. This reduces a cycle’s braking and steering capabilities, making gritting a Health & Safety nightmare. VALE Engineering’s range is designed for mini-tractor or ATV-mounting so that the liquid de-icing sprayer can work on narrow cycleways and manoeuvre around bollards and other street furniture with ease in comparison to full-size, winter maintenance vehicles. As a result, our Liquid De-Icers have become the equipment of choice for any clients responsible for cycleways in the local authority, amenity and facilities sectors.”

For ease of use, VALE Engineering’s Liquid De-Icer Sprayers are designed to work with the vast majority of tractors without modification, as well as being powered by the tractor PTO (power take off).

The VALE Engineering De–Icing Sprayer’s key features include:

  • 400, 600 or 1000 litre Polypropylene tank
  • Rear spray bar with 3 individually controlled sections
  • Middle boom to treat 1.2m (400 litre) 2.2m (600litre) 2.7m (1000 litre)
  • Outer jets to treat 1.2m to 4m on any model
  • Electrically controlled spraying pressure to control application rate
  • Quick change nozzles to change application rates
  • Electric control box for controlling individual spraying sections