Training for Grandfathers

Rules for Spray Operators applying chemical under Grandfather rights are changing. Vale Training Division will be delivering a course to prepare spray operators for the new qualification. These courses will start in January 2014. Course details will be available on our website from November.

For full details of the rule changes, please see below.

Grandfathers Rights for Pesticide Users Changes to Current Rules

Information Update: 10/2013 Issued: 10 June 2013

A current exemption in UK law, commonly known as "grandfather rights", allows anyone born before 31 December 1964, to use plant protection products (PPPs ) authorised for professional use on their own or their employer's land, without having to hold a certificate (of competence) although they should still be suitably trained and competent for their job. The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012 allows this exemption to continue until 26 November 2015, after which everyone who uses PPPs authorised for professional use must have a certificate.

In addition, after 26 November 2015, it will be an offence for anyone to purchase PPPs authorised for professional use unless they have ensured that the intended end user has a certificate.If you don't already have a certificate, you will need to get one by 26 November 2015 so that you can continue to use PPPs as part of your job after that date.
New Level 2 Certificate in the Safe Use of Pesticides

City and Guilds Land Based Services is developing a new Level 2 Award in the "Safe Use of Pesticides, replacing "Grandfather Rights". If you were born before 31 December 1964, and will only use pesticides on your own or your employer's land, you will need to obtain this new qualification.

Alternatively, you can obtain one of the existing Level 2 Safe Use of Pesticide awards appropriate to the work and type of equipment you use. You must take this route if you intend to work as a contractor or apply {PPPs {Plant Protection Products} to land you or your employer do not own.

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