Quad Bike Weed Spraying

How can quad bikes help with weed spraying?

Quad bikes – also known as ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are used extensively by local authorities to control weeds growing on the footpath and kerb edge of the highway. The quad bikes are fitted with spraying equipment such as the Vale PKL Spraying System which is designed specifically for the application. Operators need to be able to spray the weeds whilst in control of the quad bike and because of this the quad bike sprayers are fitted with kerb edge and front boom spraying nozzles.  

Quad bikes are efficient for large areas 

Prior to using quad bike sprayers, councils would treat the weeds either using handheld equipment (CDA Lances) or with mini compact tractors. Handheld spraying equipment is effective for difficult to reach areas but not efficient enough for extensive areas. Compact /mini tractors fitted with sprayers are slower than quad bike sprayers and therefore take longer to reach the area which is being treated, as well as this the suspension on a quad bike sprayer is much more suitable for climbing and descending kerbs. 

Choosing a quad bike sprayer 

Key points to consider when making a decision on the correct quad bike sprayer to use for highway weed control would be that the actual quad bike has the necessary carrying capacity required for the sprayer tanks. Some quad bikes appear to be of a similar size and capacity but when you look at the towing and carrying capacities they are quite a lot less when compared to others. The quad bike should also be fitted with the correct road lighting kit as well as ‘E’ marked tyres to make it suitable for use on the road. It is also important to ensure that the quad bike sprayer meets the current European Standard for sprayers, this is EN ISO 4254 formally it was BS EN907. This standard covers many elements which ensure operator, bystander and environmental protection, there are many imported sprayers sold cheaply especially into the agricultural market which don’t conform to this standard and because of this they should never be used in the public domain.  

Quad bikes adapted to spraying on highways 

Glyphosate is sprayed extensively on the highway to control weeds it is a label recommendation that the spray should be targeted rather than blanket sprayed. You should always choose an adaptable machine which will give you sectional spraying and allow you to operate to as smaller swath as possible to make sure you target the weeds correctly without having to over apply herbicide to unnecessary areas. The Vale PKL Spraying System is fitted with a thumb operated switch which gives the operator precise control of the spray so it can be turned on and off as required, it is fitted with 3 sectional valves which mean that only the nozzles which are on when you need to treat a weed.

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